Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Water Damage: Do You Think You’re Safe In Your Condo?


It's not only freehold-home owners who fear the dreaded leak, flood, and/or soggy basement.

While those of us who live in condos don't have a concrete foundation that sits next to thousands of tons of earth, absorbing rain-water daily, we do still have water, and pipes in our homes. Perhaps that saying saying "where there's a will, there's a way," applies here: "where there's water, there's a way – for it to damage your property."

I recently had massive water damage to my condo, but there was no pipe-bursting; no ceiling caving in.  It all stemmed from a slow leak that went unnoticed for a couple of weeks, but by the time we spotted the problem, the damage had already been done…


Photos can't do the story justice.

The damage, the source, the result, and the first-world-problem of having to live with damaged hardwood and no cupboard doors.

Oh, my word.  What a travesty.

Take a look…


A colleague of mine recently had water damage to in her condo, except unlike in my case, it had absolutely nothing to do with her condo.

The people who lived above her left their bathtub running (probably while out walking the dog – that's always a good one), and she came home to find water dripping down the walls from the ceiling.

It always starts with a little bubbling of the drywall around the doorframes:


And then it makes its way down past the bulkheads:


And eventually, the drywall just starts falling off the ceiling:


Now comes the fun part: who is to blame?

And who pays for what?

Who's insurance pays, and for what?

What if you're a tenant?

Oh, the fun times!

Well, at least you don't have a crazy neighbour seven levels above you, who feeds pigeons.

Yes, pigeons.

We're not out in the country, with a bird-feeder that attracts Cardinals, and Blue Jays, and yellow finches.

We're talking about pigeons; the bird equivalent of a rat, or a raccoon.

And then every five days when you're finished pressure-washing your terrace, it returns to this state:




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