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A Whole New Level Of Crazy!


If you're a long-time reader of TRB, you know I love crazy houses.

And by that, I mean houses that are both crazy, and more often than not, result from crazy owners.

We've seen some doozies over the years, which I'll recap below, just for those who haven't seen them.

But I think as we approach the 10th anniversary of Toronto Realty Blog, I've found the craziest house of all time…


If you don't know:

a) who that is
b) what movie that's from
c) why I'm using it in reference to "crazy"
d) every single line from the entire scene, start to finish, that you can reenact, both roles, in both characters, pre-and-post-dart

Then you're not 36-years-old…

I remember walking through Blockbuster Video in Sunnybrook Plaza, circa 2003, with my then-girlfriend, and suggesting that we rent Old School.

Blockbuster Video always showed off the best movies by having dozens of copies (or empty movie cases) on the wall, the symmetry of which would draw the eye, and later, the individual.

That blue-and-white cover of Old School, with a cast of characters on the front of the box, who all seemed to be having the best time, drew me right in.

"How about this, muffin?" I asked her, with "muffin" being a synonym for baby, pookie, sweetie, something with the word "bear" in it – whatever was en vogue at the time.

"That looks stupid," she told me.  "Why are you always so stupid?"

"Here, we're getting this," she said, as she thrust a copy of "The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen" in my hands.

Totally fair.

Anything with "extraordinary" in the title, and with a cast including the likes of Sean Connery, had to be a compromise.

Only The League would go on to be a complete bust, and Old School would go on to be a cult classic.

True story, folks.

Agree or not, Old School, is, in fact, the very definition, of the term "cult classic."

Guys, it's okay if you're in your 30's or 40's, and can't admit that you still laugh at Old School.

It's one of those movies that, if it's playing at 11:34pm on a Saturday night, and your wife is in bed, you can turn on at ANY point in the middle of the movie, and immediately find yourself immersed.

And for those of you that haven't seen the "film" in a decade, it's okay if you still find yourself quoting lines from the movie on a whim.  It's just like riding a bike; it never really leaves your soul.

Old School is the only movie to ever be ranked 9.9 out of 10 or higher on IMDB, for movies with over 1,000,000 votes.

Old School is also the only movie to ever garner fourteen Academy Award nominations.

And yes, both of those statements, are completely made up.

Okay, that was a bit of a rant.  But at least I know what I'm watching on Saturday night after my wife falls asleep…

So back to the idea of crazy houses!

They come in many different shapes and forms.  Sometimes they're oddly decorated, and sometimes they have insane possessions inside, but either way – there's a certain level of crazy involved.

Then again, sometimes they're more like "art."

In 2011, I did a feature called "Top Five: Bizarre Houses."  This was a collection of notable houses around the world, which are more for show than anything else.

But the fun crazy houses wear their true feelings on the inside.

Last month, I showed you this house in New Jersey that was oddly decorated, although some of TRB's readers noted that it's a solid house, well-kept, and merely needs redecorating.

And who could forget the clown house for sale in Brantford, Ontario back in May.

But a true "crazy house," at least for blog purposes, is something like the one I blogged about last October in a post called, "The Ugliest House I Have Ever Seen."

That house wasn't "art" like those houses around the world, it wasn't a great house in need of new paint like the one in New Jersey, and it wasn't simply filled with odd items like the clown house.

It was, as the kid's say, F'd up.

Well folks, we may have a house that can take away that title.

And as is often the case, from the outside, it looks like a fantastic home.

Here are the photos from MLS, and as you browse through them, ask yourselves, "Just how many cats does this person have?"








































And the irony is – this is an outstanding piece of land!

This house is situated on over twenty acres of land in rural Arizona.

And it costs a mere $240,000 USD

Marketed as a "Cat Castle," it's clear that the listing agent isn't shying away from the level of crazy involved.

So once again, yo could make the argument that this is a land-play, and has nothing to do with the crazy house.  A tough argument to make given the availability of acreage throughout the mid-west in areas considered the very definition of the "middle-of-nowhere," but an argument nonetheless.

If you have a house that can beat this one, post the link below!

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